In a way, the roof is the most essential part that protects our house and most often overlooked by the homeowners. So it’s best to equip and maintain the roof with quality materials and solid construction. If your roof isn’t in good condition, then it will become an ineffective method of protection. Because nobody wants to experience being woken up late at night by dripping or a rotting smell from a wall somewhere. Norcross Roofing Company will assist in making an informed decision for your roofing needs. 

Even minor roof damage like a missing shingle can result in serious issues, such as a leaking roof. If unfortunately you have leaks right now, you should get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Such an issue will become even more difficult on days with precipitation, as it will allow water to enter your property and cause it damage. The more water that accumulates in your home, the worse the damage will be. Because of this, it’s important to inspect your roof on a regular basis and to perform general maintenance. By doing so, you will be able to prevent a leaky roof and the problems commonly caused by it.

Let’s learn more about what causes a roof to leak, how to prevent a leaky roof, and what to do if you have a roof leak.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

From shingles to plumbing, it can be the result of various issues. Regardless of what causes the roof leak, the important thing is to always get it repaired to prevent further damage. But to resolve the roof leak, we need to be able to find its source. Sometimes, you’ll be able to locate the source yourself, but other times, you might have a difficult time figuring out why there’s a leak. If that happens that you are unable to find the source yourself — you should seek help from a professional.

Flashing and Shingles

Small issues like a broken or missing shingle can cause a roof to start leaking. Damaged flashing, the material underneath the shingles, can easily cause leaks as well. This problem can arise as a result of severe weather events, such as windstorm or hail. The forces can be powerful enough to leave cracks in the shingles, break pieces of the shingles off, or completely tear off the shingles. Improper shingle sealing makes the shingles more vulnerable to damage, too. This leaves the roof exposed, allowing water to leak into your home or business.

Fortunately, damaged or missing shingles can be found easily; however, if you do it yourself to check the roof above, you must be careful and only do it if you’re comfortable. Otherwise, it’s better to have professionals help you out.

Problems with Plumbing 

Pipes above may have their own problems that can cause your roof to leak and result in water damage to your property’s interior. If you notice cracked or worn out boots (vent covers) or damaged flashing near your roof’s vent pipes, then this can indicate plumbing problems in your roof’s piping.

Ineffective Installations and Repairs

Sometimes the work done on your roof may have been conducted in an ineffective manner of installation. So while you may think the problem has been fixed, it eventually becomes an issue again. Roof vents and cracks in your chimney might have been sealed improperly, or skylights on your roof may have been installed incorrectly. You can locate such problems by looking for wet spots and small water streams during rainfall.

Now, how Do You Prevent Roof Leaks?

Immediately Fix Roof Problems

If you notice that your roof has any problems, like broken or missing shingles, then you should get them fixed right away. The sooner the better, this lessens the chance to experience other issues, such as leaks. If you cannot get permanent repairs done immediately, you can at least do temporary repairs, such as putting up a tarp, and then conduct permanent repairs later on. If you do make temporary repairs, be sure to do the extra work soon to properly resolve the problem. Otherwise, your roof will become a problem again.

Conduct Planned and Regular Maintenance

The more often you check your roof and conduct regular maintenance, the better condition it will be in. As such, you will reduce roof problems more. For example, if you know that your roof has shingles that are loose and need to be properly secured, take the time and effort to do so.

Get Regular Roof Inspections

Like your regular dentist check up to keep your teeth healthy, you should have your roof inspected on a regular basis. This will help you know and understand its condition. This proactive action can also inform you of any issues before they lead to property damage.

How Do You Fix Roof Leaks and the Resulting Water Damage?

It’s not as simple as we see fixing roof leaks like replacing it. To fix a roof leak, you must fix the source of the leak, which isn’t always going to be right where the leak is. That said, you need to be able to figure out what’s causing your roof to leak. If you are unable to find the source of the leak, then seek professional help.