Winter, it’s a lovely season to be honest. But there might be that mixed feeling especially if we take into consideration our home like if it will handle the upcoming snow storm — even the pending hail as forecasted. Snow, ice, especially freezing and such can be a big problem for our roof that leads to expensive repair if ignored. Roof damage can occur any time of the year for sure, but winter particularly can be very hard on your roof. It may even be difficult to resolve it after. We at Norcross Roofing Company guide you through to prepare and help maintain it after such an event and more of your roofing needs. You can see more about roofs here.

Some of us may probably feel a little anxious towards winter’s first snow fall for a few reasons…like shoveling your driveway, going through the snowy roads, and more. However, wintery weather can take quite a toll on your roof if you’re unaware and unprepared – so here a blog to keep you in the know about the most common winter roofing problems and what to do about them after. So keep reading to learn about the 4 most common exclusively winter roofing issues.

4 Winter Roofing Issues

Protecting home against the elements is the roof’s job — including snow and ice. However, the demands of wintery weather can push a roof to the limit. These are the most important winter roofing issues you need to keep an eye out for:

Snow Leaks – The common thing would be water leaks through a roof. When snow gets trapped on the roof, it slowly begins to melt and penetrate the surface. The most common areas for snow to get stuck and cause winter roofing problems are around the roof line, by a chimney, or in a valley. So watch out for these areas.

Winter Winds – *chills* High wind speeds can rip away the shingles off a roof any time of year. However, aggressive winter winds definitely have the habit of doing that, more so than during any other season. If your roof is in good shape, the shingles will be able to hold fast – but if it’s old, they are very much at risk. After a strong winter wind event, check your property for any shingles that got knocked loose.

Excessive Snow Load – An absolutely catastrophic winter roofing issue – although not common. Snow load refers to the amount of extra weight from snow your roof can handle. After a blizzard dumps inch-after-inch on an area of your roof, the extra weight can cause heavy damage. In the worse case, the excessive snow load can cause the roof to collapse.

Ice Dams – Ice dams are a winter roofing event in which the snow on the middle of the roof melts, gets stuck in clogged gutters, and re-freezes. This creates a large dam of solid ice on the roof edges that keeps melted snow from draining away. When not drained, this melted snow tends to leak right into your roof, causing real damage. Roofs with clogged or blocked gutter systems are much more susceptible to ice dams – so this is just another reason cleaning your gutters is a necessary fall chore.

All these winter roofing issues can become serious if they’re left alone. But, if you’re like most homeowners, that’s not comfortable doing roof maintenance or just concerned about a few things, give your local roofer professionals a call.