The rain stopped an hour ago, right? But why do you still hear dripping somewhere? That could be from your roof — leaking. After all the years living in your home, why haven’t you noticed it or was it there and we forgot about it. It should be easy to pinpoint by now. And if you’re unsure of the next step to do or want to get the best action and possible maintenance, click here to know more about our services.

Let’s not wait for the next rain to hear those drips with our trusty bucket ready.

These are some obvious signs for roof leak:

Water Stains on the Ceiling

The most obvious sign that you have a leak is locating water stains on the ceiling. These stains can vary in size but generally have a brown ring around them.

Where the stain is located could be completely unrelated to where the leak came from. The mere presence of a water stain is confirmation that something is wrong about your roofing system.

Presence of Algae, Moss and Mold

While moss in itself may not cause any long-term damage to shingles, the presence itself indicates that there’s likely roof leakage somewhere. They’re most common in humid areas, mossy and moldy roofs should be inspected by an expert to better determine the root of the problem. Once the source of moisture has been determined the shingles can be reinstalled or the algae simply brushed off. Keep in mind that moss and may continue to grow, so it’s best to do a routine check of your roof annually.

Roof Rot

Most common where the organic shingles are installed. Once shingles get wet from roof leakage they will continue to break down and rot, often causing the need for an entire replacement of your roofing system. So don’t wait for the rot to go away on its own because it won’t.


Ah, yes, that annoying little drip that keeps you awake late at night is an obvious sign that your roof needs some love and attention.

If taken for granted, significant damage can happen to your home and belongings if you don’t fix roof leakage quickly. It’s never as simple as putting a bandage on it and hoping for the best. Roof leaks can be surprisingly dangerous and put you at risk of severe electric shock. So NEVER attempt to turn off appliances or fixtures yourself. Instead, shut down the electrical at your main panel and then call the professional.

Exterior Walls Have Water Spots

If you’re still unsure if you have a roof leakage; go outside and inspect the exterior walls of the structure. Water spots indicate there may be a roof leak related to the flashing. Look under your gutters where the walls meet the roof line and inspect for discoloration and stains.

Those Missing Roof Shingles on the Rooftop

Looking for some of your shingles? Severe storms can contribute to roof leaks that affect the adherence of the shingle to the roof. Anytime you have missing shingles you’re exposing your underlayment to water damage and rot. This is when things can get quite costly if left unattended.

Keeping in mind that these signs will not always indicate where the origin of the leak is. Many leaks can spread from the rafters and present themselves in other areas of the structure. Make time to reach an expert if needed.